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Personalised, private and group language classes

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I´m a CELTA-qualified teacher with a Bachelor´s degree in History (from the University of Glasgow) and over 5 years teaching experience. Whilst a student living in Glasgow, I began teaching English voluntarily to the migrant community back in 2017. Within months I had fallen in love with helping people to improve their language skills. I have since taught English and Spanish in a variety of different settings throughout the world and continue to offer tutoring online whilst based in South America.




Private language tuition adapted to each individual. Classes are competitively priced and every student has their own personal workbook & material provided for them.

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Group classes for as little as US$12 so that everyone can learn, regardless of their budget. 


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Domingo Miotti

Argentina & Glasgow Warriors fly-half, Argentina

“ I've had many teachers in my life but none like Fergus. I have learnt so fast with him. His classes are very personalised and have helped me with my move to Glasgow Warriors. Most importantly, he is always positive and energetic. ”

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Xime Zarantiegui

Publicist/Digital Marketing, Argentina

“ The classes with Fergus are very interactive and interesting. I am improving class by class, and he adapts the classes to my needs to make it more personalized. He is very attentive and in the classes I learn in a creative way. Without a doubt, the fact that English is his mother tongue helps me a lot with my pronunciation and to learn things that are not typically found from books, but used on a daily basis in the UK. ”

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Zuzanna Gąsienica-Gewont
Biologist, Poland

 " After few lessons with Fergus I can honestly say that he is an amazing teacher with a lot of funny and interesting ideas for exercises. I needed a teacher who would prepare me for the IELTS exam and I feel like I found the perfect person for that :) He lets me speak a lot during the lessons whilst he actively looks for all kind of mistakes and corrects them with me which helps a lot to improve my speaking skills. He is always well prepared for the lesson so I always feel like we don't waste time and we do as much as we can. I defenitely recommend Fergus as an English teacher. "

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English academy for children, South Korea/UK

“ Fergus is an engaging and exciting teacher with whom we have worked successfully with for our online classes. The students have all responded very well and their development has been excellent. Fergus is skilled in teaching English and Maths across nursery and primary age students and despite English being a second language for our students, classes have worked very well.

We are very thankful to Fergus for his enthusiasm and care that he brings to his classes. ”


Digital Marketer, Ukraine

" Fergus is an amazing teacher with interesting and very well prepared lessons. Sometimes, it was challenging, but it was very fun every time! Fergus cares about his students' progress, and it makes you feel like you can overcome all the difficulties that may arise. Thank you so much! "

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Ana Garcia de la Cruz
Advertising Consultant, Spain

" Si tienes dudas para elegir a alguien que te ayude a mejorar tu inglés, Fergus es LA opción. No solo se prepara las clases en profundidad y se adapta a los contenidos que más te puedan encajar, sino que, además, los ejercicios que propone tienen una parte de reto (role playing, narrar noticias, juegos) que hacen que las clases se pasen volando. "

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Juan Carlos

Gyncologist, Mexico

“ Fergus is an attentive and creative teacher; he even made me sing once! It is clear that he puts a lot of time into preparing his classes for the particular interests of his students and he does a great job at explaining complicated grammar points. He creates a safe learning space where you feel you can take risks and ask any questions. ”

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Estefania Ramón, 

Zoologist, Argentina

"I started learning with Fergus a few months ago and I definitely recommend taking classes with him.  He adapts to your goals and all the classes are very dynamic.  If you've tried to learn English before and everything seemed boring, the solution is to try his classes."

Lloyd Noble headshot.jpeg

Lloyd Noble

Finance student, Scotland

“ I’ve been learning Spanish with Fergus for some time now. He’s an absolutely brilliant tutor (and a really sound guy too!). Through the use of many different online resources he makes classes fun and engaging. He brings a lot of energy into the class, which is great for when you have "resaca". You can tell he puts a lot of effort into prepping the lessons beforehand as every class is always different! From a beginner´s perspective it’s great that he puts a lot of emphasis on getting you speaking and expressing yourself as best you can. I´m looking forward to continuing to progress with his lessons. ”

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Alberta Edwardes

Topography student, UK

“ Fergus is an excellent Spanish Tutor. I had online classes with him to improve my grammar and vocabulary and general confidence in all areas, particularly speaking. He is an attentive and hardworking teacher. Our classes were engaging and Fergus is really good at keeping the pace of the class going and keeping me focused. He puts in extra work to provide you with excellent revision and homework materials. I would definitely recommend Fergus if you are a beginner or even if you are experienced and just trying to tighten up your grammar. ”

Enrique Pieretto.jpeg

Enrique Pieretto

Argentina & Glasgow Warriors prop, Argentina

"Fergus´ lessons are very enjoyable. I didn’t like online classes until I had my first English session with Fergus. Communication is very helpful for my development in sport and in daily life."

Abdallah Mostafa.jpg

Abdallah Mostafa

ESL Teacher, Egypt

" I am an ESL teacher (although English is not my first language) so I constantly need to improve my language skills and Fergus was the best choice for me. He is so organized and makes each class to fit your needs, so there's no chance of studying something you don't need.
His classes were the best! They really helped me a lot. I have learned idioms, advanced vocabulary, and advanced grammar. and he corrects all of your mistakes and keeps them in a file so that you can review them anytime. "

Maria photo.jpg

Maria Turiga
Photo Editor, Romania

Fergus is a great teacher! His teaching methods are very effective and tailored to my needs. It's a pleasure to have a tutor like him because his lessons are very interactive and fun. The way they are structured is beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Fergus!

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Cleaner & Barista, Colombia

“ Fergus is an excellent teacher that really tries to adapt to the needs and abilities of his student. I have studied with him for several months and have seen a lot of progress. I strongly recommend him. ”

Daniela 2023-02-28 at 21.53.44.jpeg

Fashion Designer, Brazil

" Fergus was an excellent teacher for me, despite my crazy and scarce time he was willing to teach me in the most unlikely and difficult times. He is a very dedicated teacher and willing to teach. He is always concerned with doing the best. Organized, thoughtful, with content that goes far beyond the platform we use. Thank you for being the wonderful and dedicated teacher that you are. "


(Lia, Perú)



CELTA accredited tutor with several years experience teaching English & Spanish throughout the world.


November 2020 - Present

I have been tutoring both English and Spanish privately to a variety of clients over the past two years. I have also been approached by large companies such as Glasgow Warriors and Beibl Edu and thus quckly expanded my client base. My classes are personalised and tailored to each client. I am completely proficient in the use of Google Meet together with various media resources, and I have a substantial collection of effective techniques to quickly improve people's language skills. Lastly, I offer exam preparation for both the IELTS and Cambridge English exam boards.


August 2021 - May 2022

I was headhunted by Beibl Edu to both develop and teach the award-winning CBeebies Alphablocks, Numberblocks and Cambridge University Press Super Minds material online to groups of young South Korean children.  I taught daily and helped the company grow from strength to strength in a competitive online setting.


September 2020 - March 2021

I taught English on a part-time basis for Maximo Nivel, one of the most acclaimed academies in Cusco, Peru. I taught various levels of English for several hours a day and consequently became accustomed to teaching EFL effectively online.


July 2017 - September 2018

I completed two successive seasons teaching English to groups of children ranging from the ages of 6-18 at different centres throughout Catalunya, Spain. I was required to prepare students for the official Cambridge English exams whilst planning fun and engaging classes daily.



I taught English on a voluntary basis to some of the refugee community that reside in Glasgow, Scotland for a duration of 2 years. Not only did I assist in the Conversation Club with the STAR (Student Action for Refugee) society but I also ran a weekly class on behalf of Maslow's Community Shop, Govan helping to integrate migrants into the city.


November 2016 - June 2017

I proactively found a voluntary peer support role in Spain, helping a small team manage a place of refuge for people who suffer from HIV and other related difficulties. My outgoing personality and strong interpretational skills ensured residents were stimulated through classes of English and other group activities, whilst I strove to always offer a professional but also friendly outlook on their troubles, spending long periods of time discussing sensitive issues. The residents were from all walks of life and offered up many different challenges on a daily basis. I also assisted in a mobile needle exchange program, which shows my ability to work in both a compact and unpredictable environment with confidence. My level of Spanish improved significantly during this experience, and I now command the equivalent of a C1 level.


Please message me with any enquiries.

Whatsapp : +447767848057

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